Cook Or Eat a Gourmet Meal With InnerChef

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Raiding the kitchen after a hard day’s work and getting down to cooking a gourmet meal from scratch can, on days, feel like the worst thing in the world. Enter InnerChef. They let you choose what you want to eat, and send over fresh chopped-up ingredients {blanched or sauteed to perfection, or sent as is, as per your preference}, sauces, panini spreads, seasoning and of course, recipes. Their ingredients are always fresh and healthy, and include some exotic fare, which isn’t easily available in your neighbourhood market {think imported cheeses, specialty meats, crisp lettuce, cherry tomatoes etc}.

All you have to do is log on, specify your area {Delhi and Gurgaon}, choose the time slot you want your food delivered in, go through an easy payment gateway {you can choose COD too}, and sit back and wait for your meal to show up. Once it does, mix all the ingredients as per the recipe, add your desired seasoning, and plate it… and your perfect gourmet meal is ready in a jiffy.

If you’d rather get your meal ready to eat, or are in dire need of a healthy meal during work hours, check out their ready-t0-eat menu for a wide of range of paninis, including Chicken Kri Kri, Paneer Pestoni, or Mushroom Melt, all served with a side of fresh salad, neatly packaged in a cake-like box, and delivered to you. They also do a mean Salmon Panini.

So whether you need your lunch fix asap, or want to let your inner chef out, log on to Inner Chef now and start choosing and ordering!