Cheese Lovers? This Outlet Serves Yummiest & Cheesiest Pizzas In Town

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What Makes It Awesome?

After a long wait, we have finally come across a cafe which can be genuinely called the best in every possible way. As we sat there trying to pinpoint flaws, we were awed by how we could spot none. Recharge De cafe is located at a lovely spot, slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the busy sector 6 market, positioned at a lovely corner spot. 

Talking about the ambience around, it has beautiful outdoor seating which is well ornated with natural plants. The kitchen is open and one can see how their food is being cooked, which ensures cleanliness and hygiene level which this place maintains. The service is super quick and coming to the menu the cafe consists of a range of delights which is common to almost all the cafes but the magic lays in the preparation of these delights.

We tried:
Margarita pizza (9inch) - Rs. 100
Masala chai (adrak/ginger) - Rs. 30
Cold-pressed sweet lemon juice - Rs. 60
Cheese garlic bread - Rs. 70

What I loved about this place was that the pizza base is prepared fresh, you can actually smell the aroma of the freshly baked yeast dough which makes the dishes even more appetizing. What can be better than the aroma of fresh bakes anyways! What is even better is the generous amount of mozzarella and marinara sauce put on top of the fresh pizza dough and garnished with cherry tomatoes and basil served at Rs. 100 only! This is one of the best margaritas we have tried and the reasonable price of the pizza just adds up to our love for this heavenly dish.

Coming to the beverages, this place has a range of various coffees and teas and is also decently priced. Exotic teas like jasmine and other flavoured teas are priced rs. 50 only, which is unbelievably pocket-friendly. The cutleries they use to serve the food is also pretty good quality and the look of it is quite classy too.

This place is also the only one in Dwarka which serves cold-pressed juices with no added sugar or unhealthy masalas at pocket-friendly prices. 

Cheese Garlic bread is quite a common dish which we all order as side-on or as simple munchie, we vouch for it that once you taste the garlic bread served at this cafe. Usually, when baked with cheese, the bread tends to harden and becomes to crusty, magically the garlic bread served by this place had a crunch yet was super soft from the inside and the overloaded cheese on top is to die for. Plus, they use fresh garlic instead of store-bought paste or powder which are packed with unhealthy preservatives.  

This is one place that is truly pocket-friendly, has a range of delights which are refreshing for real, the standard they have maintained for the price at which they are serving is commendable. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at this place and super recommend this cafe as it has become our one-stop solution for wanting to hang out at a place with cool ambience and quality yet having a cash crunch all the time ;). This place gets a well deserved solid 5 star for the quality and quantity they are serving at a price that is unbelievably pocket-friendly.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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