Boxy Dresses & Funny Quotes: This Shahpur Store Does Khadi With A Twist

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Red Sister Blue is a hidden boutique in Shahpur Jat that does khadi tops, dresses, flowy pants and jackets. While you'll find a few cotton pieces here and there, edgy khadi clothes are what these guys do best. 

What Makes It Awesome

What we thought was a tiny, local boutique in Shahpur Jat turned out to be a Mumbai-based venture that has gone places (the NYC capsule, Lil Flea and more) and also has an online store. Red Sister Blue was started by Nanda, who moved to Mumbai from Varanasi, and with support from Michael Grobe, this label has become the edgy brand it is today.

Their store is not like the swanky SPJ shops. It's almost like a cosy home-turned-boutique that's filled rows of clothes. Near the entrance on the left, they've got a hanger full of plain khadi tops in peach, blues, green and neutral tones. While the tops weren't super impressive, we found a few cute block-printed frocks for kids here.

Keeping the kids' clothes aside, we were actually drawn to the rows full of boxy shirt dresses, loosey-goosey pants and palazzos, and the knee-length dresses with funny quotes written on them. Our favourite dress though, would have to be the purple one with the words 'Home Is Where No Bra Is' written on it. Honestly, who knew this could look nice on a dress?

The square purple shirt dress that will help you breeze through a crazy work day and the blue tie-dye one are some of our other favourites. We also found a brown, polka-dotted dress that took us back to the 90s. 

What Could Be Better

We felt that their collection of tops is a bit limited. Also, we don't exactly recommend this store for end of the month shopping (the prices might hurt). 

Pro Tip

Be sure to call them before you drop by the studio. That way, they'll be prepared to assist you and you'll actually need their help with directions. 

The store's located on the first floor and doesn't really have a conventional store front. It's more like the entrance of a house. 


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