Vintage Gully in Lado Sarai smells like an old ancestral home. In fact, when we asked the friendly owner, Arvind Bhalla, told us that some of the furniture pieces were probably as old as our grandparents – going back 80-90 years. They are sourced from Gujarat, Bengal and parts of UP and brought to his studio where they’re all restored.

There’s a whole world of carved wooden almirahs, tables, dressers, wall-mounted mirrors and lights, four poster beds, sofas and more calling out to you. If you’re as lucky {we were!}, you might even catch a glimpse of the restoration process in the adjoining room making Vintage Gully not just a soulless shop but but a nice ride on a time machine.

Meanwhile, we’re happily going on a nostalgia trip, thinking of big khaandani bungalows in Hindi films where the heroines wore tops with fluffy shoulder pads and rich daddyji met high profile smugglers to discuss business deals. Sigh…Vintage Gully be giving awesome Bollywood flashbacks…

Photos: Anand Mohapatra/LBB