Remember The First Bar You Ever Got A Drink At? Here's Where The LBB Team Got Theirs

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While Delhites have seen their fair share of Auros and Bohcas come up, there’s nothing quite like the first bar you went to get drunk at. So as nostalgia swept over, we asked the LBB crew where they all had their first drinks and we listed a few places that are still open in the city {we’re sure you’ll see a few familiar names on the list}. So, the next time you and the gang are out for drinks, you can hit up these bars for old times’ sake.

RPM, Vasant Vihar

This bar in Vasant Vihar is a classic. RPM was where majority of our team had their first drinks at and frequented before the days of Hauz Khas Village and Aurobindo Market. Fondly remembered for day drinking and cheap booze, this bar used to be pretty popular in the day. We’re not too sure about how great it is today, so we can’t vouch for it, but hanging out there might bring back memories.

Route 04, Khan Market

Cheap booze and bar food FTW. Another classic with the team, this bar used to be a favourite with all age groups. Whether it was day-drinking or post-work drinks, the vibe here remained the same over the years, and we were crushed to see it shut down. They were known for having awesome karaoke nights, while they shut down in Khan Market, they’re very much alive and kicking in CP.

4S, Defence Colony

Another iconic bar in the city, 4S has survived it all, including price fluctuations and municipal sealings. Their service and alcohol rates have pretty much remained constant over the years. Known as the ‘journalist bar’, you’ll always overhear some interesting conversation snippets here. Long happy hours and chinjabi food are the two things that keep people coming back here.

My Bar, Paharganj

One of the first My Bars in the city, this one in Paharganj is where people usually went for affordable alcohol and cheap food. Definitely one of the shadier ones in the city, you can find plenty of broke college kids here. Hit this place at the end of the month when you’re waiting for pay day {and, preferably, in a large group}.