Find Yourself Bored On MG Road? Make A Pit Stop At These Restaurants

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If you do the Delhi-Gurgaon {or vice versa} commute every day, or just find yourself hitting the road to meet that Gurgaon friend, you’ll know the notorious stretch that’s MG Road. Aside from a bunch of decor stores and random eateries, it can be a scary place to navigate for a first-timer. To make sure you’re not lost, we’ve compiled a list of places where you can make a safe pit stop for cakes, pizza, kebabs or whatever it is that pleases your hungry stomach.

P.S. You have the option of eating Bueno’s sandwiches or Iyscheem’s chocolate paan ice cream if you head to Metropolitan Mall or Metropolis, but if mall’s too much effort, our picks will be helpful without needing a detour.

Fifth Avenue Bakery & Cafe

This newbie is good news for cupcake monsters. It’s one-point agenda is to tend to those sugar cravings when you’re headed home, and the work day hasn’t been the best. It’s a cutely done-up bakery, all teal and comforting and their Dolce & Gabbana Champagne Cake is something else. Want a warm hug? Order their Nutella cupcake and a bonus from their cupcake factory section.

If you’re starved, try their pasta and stuffed bun and wash it all down with coffee.

Tonino Ristaurante Italiano

No restaurant other than Tonino will make us drive to MG Road voluntarily. This Tuscan villa, complete with fruit trees and an open, red brick courtyard is the stuff of dreams {if they have live music playing, it’s going to be magical}. Their insistence on sourcing authentic ingredients all the way from Italy ensures that their sangria, a tiramisu and chocolate lasagne are literally the real deal.

Be here for a sunny brunch or plan a date under the stars… This is really MG’s OMG!


Love it, hate it, but you can’t ignore it. You know when you’re ravenously hungry and MG Road is killing your buzz, only Karim’s ghee-loaded mutton burra or chicken malai tikka can make things better. A full-fledged roti and curry meal, or a tandoori roll to take the sting out of MG, this one’s tried-and-tested and has stood the test of time when it comes to comfort food for the soul.

Cafe We

A part of a designer studio called Beyond Designs, this Cafe We is spanking new and already making Gurgaon folks really happy. Ruby-red chandeliers, plus seating, vintage wall frames and ample breathing space makes this one a welcome change from all the cafes that are geared towards people looking for an on-the-move option.

With a menu that’s very European in spirit, it’s aimed at someone who has more time at hand and doesn’t mind a leisurely Baconiesta pizza with a shot of espresso to rewire. We’re told their Basil Pesto Chicken Pasta with a Pink Detox, better known as watermelon salad with cucumber and basil, can together make your evening.

P.S. We’re going to meet friends in Gurgaon just so we can have their Vanilla Creme Pie.

Blue Tokai

Wake up, smell the coffee, and conquer the traffic jam on MG – Blue Tokai is forever love.

Suchali’s buttery croissants {or cruffins} and Blue Tokai’s Spiced Latte will have you set to take on the longest, most tiring road to Gurgaon/ Delhi. Whether you want to fix up a quick business meet, or just refuel, Blue Tokai is our favourite spot for Garlic Fries, scrambled eggs {yeah, we’re basic that way} and of course, Iced Mocha.


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