By Kartik Mahajan

So rarely these days do you come across a track from rock ‘n’ roll and alternative groups that has a tune you actually remember. A track that sounds like it could be a soundtrack to a situation featuring you. That cliché of an open top car driving into the sunset while not knowing where you’re going fits so beautifully with this new song, called Dropping Planets. The band is called Nice Weather for Ducks {really… just avoid asking any questions}, and Dropping Planets is the first single from their album Color the Era {No I have no idea why colour is spelt like this is Washington DC}, and it’s a surprising amount of fun to listen to! The band, originally called CalmString Commission in 2012, was formed by three dudes – Nirvan, Sharan and Kabir, who were later joined by Aranya and Amar. These ducks, you will be surprised to know, feature vast amounts of Indian classical influences, which become pleasantly noticeable during the course of their music.

Dropping planets is simply a happy and catchy song to listen to when you’re not taking life too seriously. Turn it on and go for a walk or a skip in the park, and when you’re done, you’re likely to have thoroughly enjoyed their music. I am not going into reviewing the whole EP {all four tracks make for an interesting 30+ minutes of listening}, because once you’ve heard this track, you’re likely to want to do that for yourself. And it will be worth it. What will also catch your attention is the fact that it has been incredibly well produced. Seeing Keshav Dhar’s name on the credits didn’t surprise me, and I think it’s a great example of how producers progress and learn how to tune into the band’s senses. I think he too deserves a round of applause for this EP, and I’m hoping its success helps churn out more music that is both well written and strikingly well produced.

Catch Nice Weather for Ducks is live at The Shiva Squad Festival from the 25th to the 27th of September in Kulu Manali. Find out more, here.  

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