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On The Right Track | Voice Unplugged by Pentagram

Kartik posted on 16 January

By Kartik Mahajan

Pentagram has been making music for so long in this country that if you haven't heard them, it's time to call someone to get that giant rock you're living under off of you! Their tracks have played on the radio, have been used on TV, and their frontman Vishal Dadlani has lent his name to various big social causes in the country, including wearing a ridiculous hat to show his support to the political party with an anti-corruption agenda. I think it's kind of tragic that he is better known for his Vishal and Shekhar avatar than the Pentagram avatar, considering what a refined and evolved sound Pentagram now churns out. Pentagram have also done some of the most fun videos that the country has seen, right up until the recent video shot in the midst of a ganpati visarjan 'parade'. Pentagram is Vishal Dadlani on vocals, Randolph Correia on various guitars, Papal Mane on the bass and Shraiz Bhattacharya on the drums.

Pentagram recently did a session of MTV Unplugged, and while the series isn't as popular as either the international version or even as popular as we would have liked, it is still well worth checking out. One of Pentagrams' biggest hits is an older one called 'Voice' and to our delight, they performed this at their Unlpugged gig. Vishal can still hold notes very well and after a discussion with a bunch of rock aficionado friends, everyone came to the conclusion that he has undoubtedly evolved into one of the finest vocalists out there. Poke fun at Pentagram as much as you like; I mean pretty much everyone I know does, but if you just listen to the music and set the jokes aside, you're in for a treat.

They have been around since 1994  for good reason you know.