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On the Right Track | How Strong my Love is by Otis Redding

Naina posted on 30 April

By Naina de Bois-Juzan

When I was setting up Le Bistro Du Parc, I made a lot of my decisions about the restaurant based on the experience I wanted to enjoy as a consumer. From the decor, to the menu, the art on the walls and the ambience - I created a vision while constantly asking myself, "what would I like or want if I was a customer, and I walked into a little French bistro?" The restaurant you see today is exactly what the customer in me wanted - a casual, homy, cool and relaxed little bistro. I want people to feel like they are walking into a friend's house or living room, for a casual dinner. The music I chose here is based on this idea too. The music I play at the bistro is from my own iPod, and is the music I listen to at home.

Though I'm half Indian and half French, I've grown up in Paris. I moved back to Delhi about 8 years ago, and have made this city my home. Even so, it's comforting to be able to listen to music that takes me back in time. That's what music, films and art do, right? They're a capsule that make you wander off to far away places, or relive childhood memories. Otis Redding, particularly, reminds me of my Summer holidays. My family and I would listen to the whole album when vacationing at our home in Brittany, while putting together elaborate lunches and dinners, baking cakes, and enjoying a drink or two. 'How strong my love is' and 'Fa fa fa fa' are two songs by him that I particularly like… they transport me to my happy place!

When you walk into Le Bistro Du Parc, you'll hear a jumble of songs by artists such as Billie Holliday, Gershwin, Trio Lescano, Stromae, Kishore Kumar, Nouvelle Vague, Edith Piaf, all songs from Almodovar movies, Paolo Conte, Phoenix, Sallie Ford, David Bowie, Rodriguez… the list goes on. But if I had to pick what always puts me on the right track, and gives me a quick escape, it is Otis Redding's 'How strong my love is.'

Find Naina at Le Bistro Du Parc, A 57 - 59, Moolchand Market, Defence Colony; and on Facebook here.