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Road-Trip Your Way Across India With TerraQuest Expeditions


    TerraQuest Expeditions organises adventure-laden {off}road trips across the Indian subcontinent, taking you across some of the most untouched and scenic terrains in the region.

    Who Is It For

    Primarily adventurers, as most of their journeys are in rugged terrains and on the road, though because they take care of all the planning during the trip {something everyone likes}, families and other groups might also find their expeditions to be worth checking out. Their in-house adventure gurus and medical experts will accompany you during the various trips, so you don’t have to worry about anything you shouldn’t have to worry about.

    For The Connoisseurs

    While TerraQuest would be a viable route to see some new places for many, their main target demographic is the textbook adventure-lover. They arrange for you drive to all the destinations, but that doesn’t always mean on roads {like the dunes in Rajasthan}.

    The focus is primarily on nature and exploring the local culture, and all of their destinations are offbeat. There’s also a bunch of adventure sports and other outdoor activities thrown into the mix, like kayaking, wildlife survival lessons, camping, etc.

    On The Road

    TerraQuest reduces the hassle of planning a whole trip down to a simple process of registration. Those interested can just register and have everything—from accomodation and food to travel and health guidance—taken care of.

    Incredible India

    TerraQuest takes you across some of the most beautiful parts of India, spanning the deserts of Rajasthan to the peaks of Ladakh. If you’ve always wanted to travel the country but haven’t had a chance to, this one is for you.

    Additionally, one of their aims is to leave as little an impact on the environments they visit as possible, and they take care to offset their carbon footprint wherever they can.

    Anything Else?

    If you’re interested, check out their upcoming Snowbound Spiti expedition later this month. You’ll make your way through the pristine valleys of Himachal Pradesh, learn some new tips of the adventure trade straight from the experts, and get a taste of everyday life in Spiti.

    You can check out the details of their other expeditions on their website.

    Where: 435A, Near Army Public School, Sector 29, Noida

    Contact: +91 9811811816

    Find them on Facebook here, and Instagram here.