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Living In Goa? 4 Roads Trips You Should Take Now

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    While Goa has everything you might need for a satisfying vacation on its own, that might not always be the case for everyone, like locals or expats staying in the state for an extended period of time.

    If you find yourself in Goa and feel like heading out some place different, these are the road trips you can take right now.


    Hampi is a sprawling mish mash of a very unique type of orange rock, gorgeous sunsets, delicious food from around the world and merry backpackers. There are also temples and ruins of the capital of once-mighty Vijayanagar Empire to explore, as well as some rock climbing on the wildly varied type of boulders scattered across the scenery to indulge in.

    It’s not really easy putting it in words, so if you find yourself in goa planning your next destination, don’t hesitate and book a bus to Hampi. You’ll find plenty of places to stay under your budget, whatever it is.

    Best Time To Visit: Nov – Feb


    Gokarna used to be a tiny temple town for pilgrims, though the all-nighter raves and an infinite number of empty beaches, waterfalls and other natural hidden gems to explore has turned it into a traveller-haven over the years. There’s a lot of trekking to be done here, so make sure to carry the right shoes. And if that doesn’t interest you, there’s always buying a beer, sitting by the beach and not doing anything for the remainder of your vacation. Also, the sunsets are to die for.

    If you’re lucky, you can even spot the one-off dolphin pack wallowing about in the waters, or even shimmering-blue plankton taking over the beach at nights. 

    Best Time To Visit: Oct – Feb


    Rock climbing and adventure enthusiasts; Badami is the place you need to head to from Goa for something more serious. With an endless number of new as well as old routes to discover, along with a very friendly type of rock and good weather, climbers will have a thing or two to do during their time here.


    Located in the middle of the Western Ghats in Karnataka, Dandeli is the camping and outdoor spot to head to if Goa gets too tame for you. There’s a lot of wildlife and the general jungle life to be lived through here, so we suggest preparing well before you make a plan to visit.

    Stay at the plenty of jungle resorts and homestays available across the region, and go for some white-water rafting too while you’re at it {yup, there’s white-water rafting}.