Quick Cheat For A Prettier Room: Get These Bottle Lamps & Fairy Lights

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What Makes It Awesome

Wasted is a two-years-old brand that does a variety of lights and coasters. From lights stuffed inside Old Monk bottles to string lights made from discarded egg crates, they believe in turning trash to treasure, just so lazy bums like us can brighten up our room with minimum effort and very little investment.

Laugh at us all you want, but we’ve convinced ourselves that our (often) messy room just needs two things to look like a million bucks – lamps and our travel photos strung across the wall. Or at least, that’s what we gather from all the Pinterest boards. So, we embarked on a mission to find the fairy lights and cosy lamps that that our room could really use and landed on Wasted’s Facebook page.

Every kind of light here is a creatively upcycled wonder that’s as good for the environment as it is for your room. It was started by Devika who is an interior designer by profession, but had a short stint with Wizcraft in events. Some time into her job, she decided that neither of these were creatively satisfying for her. This is when she started painting empty alcohol bottles on the weekends. Slowly, when she found a lot of takers, she founded Wasted. 

Devika also customises the bottle lamps with pictures and quotes that make for perfect lil’ gifts

The bottle lamps are priced around INR 1,150 while the string lights are for INR 550.