Pick Rose Café For A Quiet Evening With Good Food & Cold Coffee


    A quaint Victorian-style cafe tucked away inside Saidulajab, this cute cafe will have you dreaming of pots full of tea and scones being served to you in the most elegant manner.

    What Makes It Awesome

    The pastel blues and pinks used in the cafe, along with the distressed wood furniture create a very nice ambience.

    As for the food, the melts available here are well-cooked and pretty damn delicious! We tried the Bolognese melt and were convinced you’d love them too. The All Day Breakfast menu offers four varieties; We chose the Make Your Own Breakfast (it has a choice of eggs, sides, and protein). It was a hearty meal and impressed us.

    The Rose Cafe Iced Coffee & the Fruity Italian Soda were extremely good too. We also tried the classic cappuccino and loved it, but felt that their Earl Grey was too strong for us.

    We also ordered the Espresso Cake which tasted great, but seemed like it was straight out of the fridge (which kind of took the experience away).

    The place is ideal for small gatherings and quiet evening scenes.

    What Could Be Better

    Go here for the All Day Breakfast or the High Tea Menu, but be prepared to wait. This cafe is usually packed.