Score Boxes Of Chocolate Potatochips & Nama Chocolates At Royce'

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Royce’ is a Japanese-origin brand of premium chocolates that is globally renowned for its rich flavours and textures—the Chocolate Chip and Nama chocolates are the most sought after.

Say Aloo To Boxfuls Of Chocolate

Royce’ takes the concept of ‘chocolate chip’ to a whole new level, quite literally at that. Imagine chocolate. Then imagine a crinkled potato chip {not unlike Uncle Chipps in appearance}. Now put them together and you come up with their signature Potatochip Chocolate. It is essentially a potato chip coated with chocolate on one side. The saltiness of the potato chip juxtaposed with the milky, sweet chocolate coating makes for a very unusual taste that leaves you wanting more.

Nama Chocolate is another signature product that comes in a range of flavours such as Milk {Au Lait}, White or Ghana Bitter. The emphasis of the Nama range is on its melt-in-the-mouth texture – chocolate so smooth and creamy that it simply glides down your throat, but not before treating your gustatory sensors to an explosion of flavour. It comes in a square box with rectangle cut pieces of chocolate {20 in a box}.

It is worth noting that Royce’ places a clear emphasis on packaging – all Nama Chocolate boxes, in addition to being multi-layered, are encased in a thermal bag in which they also place a frozen gel packet. Its objective is to ensure that the chocolate is kept at a steady 10 degrees till you store it in your fridge.

What We Loved

The whole experience of buying these chocolates is spectacular. You feel like lingering, trying everything while you decide which chocolates to buy. If you decide to gift these chocolates to a loved one, they have a series of packaging options to choose from. There is even a special box designed by Nappa Dori in a gorgeous combination of red and black.


Don’t fret if you are new to the brand. They have very knowledgeable, polished staff who unhesitatingly offer bite-sized samples of all the chocolates you want to try and are adept at describing their flavour and composition and are also great at making suggestions based on your flavour preferences.


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