These Jalebis Are So Worth The Trek Through Gurgaon's Sadar Bazaar

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Even after 47 years, very little has changed about Sardar Jalebi in Sadar Bazaar. The huge line outside the shop, how pocket-friendly the prices are and, of course, the mouthwatering taste of their golden-fried jalebis.

Seeking Jalebis

We were a little hesitant about going to Sadar Bazaar – there we said it. On a hot day, braving throngs of people and Gurgaon’s traffic in this market seems less than ideal. We also had no idea where this infamous jalebi haunt was but, if you decide you need to get your hands on these orange, spiral sweets, everyone in Sadar Bazaar will be able to help you. Follow the specific directions to Sardar Jalebi, after stopping to ask autowallahs, shop-owners or chaat-mongers – these jalebis are hella famous.

A few twisty turns later, you’ll find yourself in front of an unremarkable establishment with no signboard; instead, the scent of frying jalebis will be all the confirmation you need.

Let’s eat.

Don't Knot The Polybag

Our eyes wandered over the walls of Sardar Jalebi and stopped at this sign – the owner, Mr. Jagmohan Singh is insistent you don’t knot the poly bag, full of hot jalebis, as you’re leaving. He claims it makes them soggy and that would be a tragedy, given how great they are {but more on that in a bit}. The shop was started by his grandfather and, today, churns out more jalebis than Mr. Singh could ever count. One kg of jalebis will set you back by INR 160 and we think that the INR 40 we spent on 250g of our jalebis might be the most value-for-money deal we’ve ever gotten.

They’re worth all the hype and more; crispy yet juicy, these are the best jalebis we’ve eaten. Hands down.

PS: Promise you won’t tie that knot on the poly bag because our jalebis were crispy for about six hours after we bought them.

So, We're Saying...

The legend of Sardar Jalebi is all that and more and, if you haven’t yet, you definitely need to make your way to Sadar Bazaar for them.


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