We Found The Craziest Party Supplies In This Hidden Lane In Sadar Bazaar

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Did you know that there exists a whole lane in Sadar Bazaar dedicated to party supplies (also known as the Gubaare vaali gali)? Well, we made a trip to find out and came across the coolest (and some gory) products that can make your usual party so much better!

Just a heads up – since most of the stores here are wholesalers, be prepared to buy more than five pieces (at least).

PS – Make sure that you drop by in the morning or in the afternoon, because stores here shut by around 6.30-7pm. Also, Sadar Bazar is closed on Sunday (unless it's the festive season) and is open from 11.30 am to 6 pm on all the other days. 

If you are wondering how to reach, New Delhi metro station and Chandni Chowk metro station located on the yellow line are the closest. If you are on the red line, you could get down at Pulbangash metro station.

Aman Toys

Hands down, our favourite store of the lot, Aman Toys has got the coolest and creepiest paraphernalia in Sadar Bazar. From dangling legs, hands and bruised half bodies to Modi masks and bizarre bachelorette decor (think handcuffs and the like), this is one store that has you covered for all occasions (from Halloween to a hen party). They also stock prank toys like slime-y lizards, and pens, lighters and books that give one a mini current. Because of the outrageous products they have, Aman Toys is quite popular in the area, and has also been featured on quite a few national dailies.

Price: Starting at INR 10 (masks).

Rainbow Overseas

This store has the most impressive range of glow-in-the-dark knick-knacks, the kind we never even knew existed; Think non-toxic neon ice cubes (yes, ones that you can actually put in your drink), neon straws, flying disks and head gear too. While these neon items will not last you more than two or three uses, they definitely have a novelty value and are not super expensive either (INR 200 approx for 12 pc ice cube box). In case you’re looking for thrifty ways to pretty up your room, Rainbow Overseas’ cute mini-bulb fairy lights can help.

Price: Starting at INR 15 (party decor).

SRB Creation

If you’re looking for affordable party decor and want plenty of options too, SRB Creations in Sadar Bazar is just the place. They’ve got regular banners, sashes for bachelorettes and a variety of candles, including champagne bottles, Chota Bheem and sparkling candles. Also, this was the only store in the entire market that had giant one feet tall party poppers priced at just INR 65. Depending on the season, they also stock special festive decor for New Year’s, Rakhi, Holi and Diwali.

Price: Starting at INR 20 (balloon packet).

Monga Trading Company

Monga’s is again a great place to shop at for regular party supplies, especially when you need a lot of them and at throwaway prices. They’ve got a decent variety of candles, lamps, and pretty fairy lights that are just what you need for an Insta-worthy room makeover. We even found Chinese lamps here for a ridiculously low price of INR 15/packet! Party props like huge sunglasses, moustaches, and photo booth props are some of the other things you can find here.

Price: Starting at INR 15 (balloons, Chinese lamps etc.).

National Trading Co.

National Trading Co. specialises in birthday decor, so if you’re planning to throw a theme party for your little one, this is the kind of store that stocks pretty much everything (super hero, jungles and princess-themed decor included). They also have massive ‘Bride To Be’ badges (probably larger than an adult’s palm) and fancy LED balloons too. In case you’re looking for creepy face masks, you’ll find tons of those in this Sadar Bazar store.

Price: Starting at INR 20 (balloons).


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