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What Makes It Awesome

Missing those shopping sprees, aren’t you? We feel you! The lockdown has got us going back to the same-old-comfy-wear with clothes that are easy to maintain & cozy AF! TBH, we’re now getting bored of slipping into the same set of PJs each day, and were excited to come across this fabulous brand called Saleti. Saleti does eco-friendly sustainable clothing that’s sure to add a new dimension to your wardrobe! Saleti’s all about empowering women through their plethora of clothing options and is one brand that perfects versatile apparel like none other. From work-wear to daily-wear, they’ve got gorgeous options from calming pastels to those popping bright hues!

Saleti’s collection features breezy summer dresses that scream comfy like no other - we’re totally eyeing those to lounge in while looking pretty! Made of natural cotton fibres, their products are organically produced using only the best practices. The best part? Every time you bring home a Saleti product, you’re contributing your bit to the environment & making the world a better place to live in, now Isn’t that awesome? We say check out their product range now since they’ve got a little something for everyone from their amazing cotton wrap-shirts to those cutesy pleated dresses! If you’re a modern contemporary woman who puts comfort above everything else & isn’t afraid of stepping out in apparel that feel more like YOU, Saleti is the brand for you!


If you’re looking for trendy tunic tops & shirts, they’ve got a range of options for that as well & they’re pretty reasonable too! We totally love their colour palate & textures! So check it out now!


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