Uncomplicated & Effective: This Clean Skincare Label Is A Favourite

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What Makes It Awesome

Minimalism often goes hand-in-hand with sustainable because they both follow the same rules; uncomplicated and effective products, made using high quality ingredients that won't harm us or the earth. I'm a sucker for skincare so I love discovering new labels that actually care about the impact they have on the environment but, well, that also actually work on my skin. 

Saltpetre's a modern lifestyle label that embraces simplicity and I love their entire vibe. Their skincare range includes products like lip balms, face scrubs and soaps made with plant-based ingredients that are gentle so if you've got sensitive skin, you can still try 'em out. 

All their soaps have literally 5 ingredients, with most of them being natural oils to keep your skin hydrated. Their face scrubs work for all skin types so you don't need to stress about researching which ingredients will suit you, you can pick based on which scent you like (however, their lavender one is ideal for oilier skin types.) 

Their product range starts at INR 350, which might be a bit more than you'd typically pay for skincare, but it makes sense considering the quality, effectiveness and the lengths these guys go to so that their packaging and everything else involved is eco-conscious.


Saltpetre also does women's apparel and kid's clothing but their entire skincare range is available on LBB so check it out!


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