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This Place Lets You Make Your Own Sandwiches And Delivers Food As Late As 1AM!

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It is not often that you find a delivery service that brings over a huge variety of sandwiches and each one is fresh and unique, that’s what Sandwich By Bun Intended does! With a handle on bun related sandwiches, their new foray in G-Town is all about the bread.

Culinary Customisations

Choose between ciabatta or flat bread, add a protein {we say you skip the chicken and go for either the pulled pork or slow cooked lamb} or a veggie option. Then come the toppers. The fun part is the number of combinations you can do, so that each time you order, you have a whole new sandwich. Toppers include spinach, mushrooms, balsamic glazed apple {this is awesome}, caramelised onions and the usual suspects like bell peppers, tomatoes and lettuce, then there are the premium add-ons like avocado salsa, tofu, sun-dried tomatoes and more! Next layer is cheese and they have an awesome selection, from blue cheese to feta and Monterey Jack, now sauce it up, BBQ, chipotle, peri peri for those of you who like it spicy and pesto or honey mustard for something less pungent. Once you’ve customized your dream sandwich choose a dipping sauce, chipotle or mustard mayo and your meal is ready!

Less Work More Chow

If customising is too much of an effort, then choose from almost two dozen sandwiches segregated by meats. Since the menu is huge, we picked our favourites and these are must haves. The chicken Bahn Mi, Don Gyro with braised pork belly, Classic Philly Cheesesteak with tenderloin, Lamb Doner, Daffy Duck made with pulled duck and grilled aubergine, Smoked Salmon and the Barista {which is a work of art with coffee glazed lean bacon, blue cheese and prune and bacon jam}. For vegetarians, the vada pao is as good as it gets, Popeye with spinach and corn is super healthy and Veg Banh Mi with BBQ tofu will keep you coming back.

So, We're Saying...

Never eat a boring sandwich again! Make your next meal a gourmet creation from Sandwich by Bun intended and a thick shake to wash down and a cheesecake to finish up.