This Santro Car Gives Half-Plate Biryani At INR 80 {Even Past 12am}

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Teekhi Biryani, right opposite HCL Technologies in Sector 126, serves awesome veg and non-veg biryani from a Santro car. Loved by Amity students who often throng this place, it’s perfect for those midnight/after-party cravings, as it’s open from 12pm – 4am.

Biryani Monsters Unite

This place is frequented by students and is a hit with working professionals who like themselves a filling on-the-go meal without the hassle of sit-down dining. For those hoping to grab a meal in peace, they have a small dhaba where fresh biryani gets delivered straight from the kitchen to your tablein no time.

This place is a crude food truck that sticks to what it does well—serving great food.

Also, happy to say that hygiene isn’t an issue here and I’ve always had the freshest fare.

True To Its Name

Even on repeated visits, Teekhi Biryani hasn’t lost the charm for me; I love both the chicken and veg versions. The flavours are intense, it’s always served hot, the service is super prompt and freshness has never been an issue—what else can one ask for?

For the lazy ones, Teekhi also home delivers in some parts of Noida.