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Rene posted on 31 May

This store makes you want to dream big. Their collection of upholstery fabric is drop-dead gorgeous (they start at INR 1,000). Sarita’s love for the country’s rich crafts, traditions and intricate embroidery translates to an exquisite line of cushions, lamps, chairs, home accessories, coffee tables, beds, benches, bed linen and more. The focus here is on craftsmanship, and we know a lot of interior designers who’d raid her store in search of cool finds.

Our only advice would be to avoid this if you’re on a budget. The fabrics are pretty much the only thing most of us can afford here, and, like we said, the variety is stunning.

P.S. Just being inside the store is like walking through a Pinterest board.

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Sarita Handa Store

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356-357, 2nd Floor, MG Road, Sultanpur, New Delhi

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