Sarita Handa’s Fabrics and Furnishings are Ready to Floor

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Inspired by love for textiles from all over the world, Sarita Handa keeps us coming back for intricately embroidered home furnishings and fabrics.

Pretty Chairful

The ancient art of needlework is what probably needled Sarita Handa into starting this eponymous brand of lamps, cushions, chairs with the embroidery on the back, and almost everything else. There! We said it. We’ve been and we are floored by almost everything we see. Especially the kid’s section with the tiny beds, upholstery options and more.

Timeless Techniques

Having become a name to be reckoned with in the home textile field, Sarita Handa’s pieces still slay, when it comes to a sense of style, a keen eye for detail and innovative design.

Currently being continued by her daughter Suparna and son-in-law Rahul Puri, the Sarita Handa line is now exploring designs and techniques found in old artefacts and textiles, lying forgotten in museums, library collections and undiscovered markets of the world. What really stands out for us is the high quality of materials used in the pieces, as well as the amount of intricacy involved in their work.

What We’re Picking out

You can say goodbye to fears of staining, shrinkage, or fading when it comes to fabrics and upholstery. We are looking forward to their new wallpaper range too. And do keep an eye out for their stunning inlay furniture collection.

The LBB crew vastly differs in opinion regarding their favourites at this spot. But it is safe to say that, if we were you, we’d pick out the sofas, chairs, bedding, cushions, and fabrics. They deliver across any country and their team is equipped to provide freight cost.

Timings: 10am – 7.30pm


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