Guide To Street Shopping In The Confusing Sarojini Lanes

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The stories of all the stylish merchandise acquired at Sarojini Nagar aren’t just propagated urban legends; you just need to know where to go, and you will most definitely head back home with bags full. You can get some pretty, branded outfits that will, of course, be trendy and very reasonable. What's great about this market is that everything trendy will always trickle down to the stalls, all you have to do is have a keen eye for it. But this doesn't just stop at apparel, it extends across other stuff like shoes, jewellery, and even home stuff! If you're planning your next trip to Sarojini, here are all our favourite spots in the market — you’re welcome.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Sarojini Nagar is on weekdays, between 12 PM and 4 PM. The market is closed on Mondays. On Tuesdays you'll find everything on clearance price! And wednesdays are when the new stock comes in at mist stores.

Nearest Metro Station: Sarojini Nagar Metro on the Pink Line or Dilli Haat INA on the Yellow Line

The Export Gallis

The two long lanes effectively house every runway and high-street trend, copied, exported, and hung there in all their glory. It is a must if you want to score some very chic, trendy pieces.

LBB-Tip: The sizing on the garments is almost never accurate, so the only way to ascertain size is to hold two pieces against each other and then against yourself. If it still eludes you, the option of a quick fix at the local darzi is always there. If you happen to spot a pair of pants you really want but are uncertain about the size, wrap the waistline bit around your neck, if the two ends meet without any tugging, it'll fit you! 

The Leather Export Shops

Avoid the bag stalls and shoe shops, as the designs aren’t appealing, and the quality is abysmal. If you still want to buy bags from there make sure you check the stitching and quality and of course, don't spend a bomb on them! Instead, head to the three leather shops, which stock export surplus from ASOS, Zara, Bershka, Topshop and every other premium high-street shoe label. From ballets, tasseled loafers, booties, to riding boots and skyscraper wedges, the designs are super chic, and the quality is as impeccable as the retail stock.

LBB-tip: Watch out for wear and tear on whatever you’re about to purchase. Always point out the defect (whether minimal or obvious) to the shopkeeper, and use it to extricate an additional discount.

The Archway With The Graffitti

Although graffiti lanes have been eliminated (huge loss!), you can still find at least four to five shop vendors there, selling mostly coats, and pants. Now the lane is patrolled by various jewellery vendors, and sellers of random, miscellaneous stuff.

The Vintage Part

Located at the very end of the second export lane (right next to the store that sells punk T-shirts and Homer Simpson boxers), it is full of delightful odds, ends, bags, boxes, metal lamps, Accessorise clutches and impeccable leather bags that somehow didn’t manage to make their way into the retail showroom. Our best buy: An All Saints Suede hobo, bought for INR 1,500. Keep in mind the standard rule of shopping at Sarojini, never pay more than INR 350 for any basic garment; INR 100–200 should be the usual price for tops.

LBB-tip: You'll find multiple vendors who have INR 50 piles. Even though it involves a lot of effort, it's known to be a treasure trove for basics such as striped T-shirts, polo necks, and camisoles.

The Caverns

The first of the caverns is located around the peepal tree (a highly conspicuous landmark, better known as the Kwic Bite lane) and two other adjacent caves in the interior of the other lane (next to Soft & Sleek, the shoe shop). Keep an eye out for any landmarks (be it the hoardings or the fruit-juicewalla — make a mental note!) so that you may return there.

Grab A Bite

If you need a quick pick-me-up in the middle of your shopping spree, the market has a few options where you can grab a quick bite. The multi-level car park building has a bunch of restaurants such as McDonald's, Chai Story, Haldiram's, Dominos', and more. If you're looking for more street food options, Kwic Bite is something you could check out. Other than that, there are many banta vendors in the market selling chilled lemon soda.

Specific Shops To Look Out For

If you're someone who does not have the patience to go through all the lanes and look for what you have in mind, then here are specific shops you can head to directly. 

For women's wear: Shop no. 105, 200 and 102

For accessories: Shop no. 101, also check out one under New India Creations

LBB-tip: For the ultimate guide on Sarojini nagar market, check out this


1. Of course, it's a MUST! There are a lot of products that are even priced thrice their original rate so, that is where the concept of smart shopping applies.

2. Always check your clothes (size, holes, cuts) properly before making a purchase.

3. There are barely any ATMs in the vicinity, so carry enough cash. 

4. The market is closed on Mondays and super crowded on weekends. So, try visiting between Tuesday and Friday to find the best deals.

5. Wear comfortable shoes, carry a water bottle (or electrolytes if you tire easily), and carry a big shopping bag so that you can avoid using multiple plastic bags.


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