Our Pre-Winter Wardrobe Under 2,500 From Sarojini Nagar

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We have a problem; just like for some people the day is incomplete without their first cup of coffee, ours is incomplete without a little bit of shopping. Okay, so maybe not every day, but we do need something new in our wardrobe every few weeks or months. The problem with this impending need to shop so often? Money. Or the lack of it, actually. But being the positive folks we are, we don’t let that get us down…Sarojini Nagar to our rescue since the 14th century {citation needed}?

So before the onset of full-blown, face-numbingly chilly winters, we decided to get a little bit of shopping done for this cool weather. We took INR 2,500 with us and got ourselves a nice pre-winter wardrobe. Check it out!


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