Nama-Slay: Get Your Yoga Flow On At Home With Sarva Live’s Online Classes

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What Makes It Awesome

Here’s a myth for you: you need to be flexible to practice yoga. Nope, all you’ve gotta be is willing to try! But with all yoga studios shut due to coronavirus, for those of us who aren’t really too experienced, we’re clueless about practicing yoga at home. Luckily, Sarva Yoga understands our struggles and has started Sarva Live, where they conduct live yoga classes online on Zoom that are way cheaper than a membership at a yoga studio! And we’re not saying we’re starstruck but knowing Jennifer Lopez is an investor, wellll, we see the magic of yoga. 

They conduct multiple classes a day, depending on your city with some sessions in the morning and some in the evening. Every class is unique and features a different form of yoga everyday. Most of the classes are equipment-free but some will be using things you already have at home, like a towel or pillow. They’re also immunity building classes and, honestly, we could all use a little boost right now. Each yoga session consists of a warm-up and stretching sequence, the actual flow which is the workout part of it and ends with pranayama and a cooling down breath practice. We also loved how friendly the instructors are and how they never make you feel self-conscious or awkward about any of the poses you’re doing (or trying to do in our case.)

So basically, if you can’t spare too much time and are looking for something that won’t only make you sweat but will also leave you feeling stretched and relaxed, this yoga class is probably your best bet!

Price: INR 499 for 14 sessions

What Could Be Better

Sometimes, 30 minutes feels a little too less since it includes warm-up and cool-down so we wish they gave us an option of longer classes, especially for the weekend classes.


Before you commit to the whole practice, they offer a free 1-week trial where you get to train with them for 2 online classes that focus on boosting your immunity. 


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