This Place Delivers Juicy Kebabs & Piping Hot Matka Biryani To Your Door!

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Biryani freaks, Sassy Begum is here to treat you to their Hyderabadi delights. They’ve got veg, chicken, and mutton biryani, delicious kebabs, curries, and tasting boxes.

Begum Knows Her Biryani

Just a mention of the word ‘biryani’ is enough to make us go berserk—and that’s when we’re not hungry, mind you—so it wasn’t a surprise that when we came across Sassy Begum, we had to go on a binge.

We got Begum’s Hyderabadi Biryani (veg and mutton), Tamatar Ka Kut (tomato curry with paneer), Sassy Ka Saalan (spicy curry), Dum Ka Murgh (roasted smokey chicken curry), and Burani Raita.

First things first, while Hyderabadi food is generally really spicy, the food at Sassy Begum won’t set your tongue on fire—that’s to say the spices are well-balanced. The biryani was really flavourful (although some more pieces of mutton wouldn’t harm anyone), and the Dum Ka Murgh made for the perfect, creamy accompaniment. The curries were a little too oily, but we’d still mix it with our biryani for even more flavour.

They’ve also got veg and non-veg tasting boxes which have their biryani, an appetiser, and main course—perfect for that hunger-killer meal.

So, We’re Saying…

Hit up Sassy Begum if you’re having a biryani party (10/10 would attend).

PS: They’re a home delivery service; order up!


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