Ever Tried North-Eastern Khichdi? Get This & More At This Green Park Eatery

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What Makes It Awesome

Recently visited North East Flavours in Green Park. And we tried a few things and all of them were delicious. For starters, we had Wak Si Sook which had tender pieces of Pork, boiled and fried in herbs. We also had a Chicken Sochiar which is the North Eastern equivalent of Khichdi - only - super indulgent. Then for mains, we had rice with Honoso Ruchi Rhujak - a spiced chicken and bamboo shoot curry. Also, we got ourselves a Fish Paste Raja Mircha chutney on the side which made everything even better {though it didn’t necessarily need it}.

This menu scored 5/5 which has led me to believe that everything on their menu will be good!

What Could Be Better?

Don’t be mislead by the 'house of exotic herbs' tagline - we almost didn’t go but the bravado of the night led us to a capital hidden gem.