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What Makes It Awesome?

These last few months have been all about finding culinary gems in the vicinity, brands that can send us the food we’ve been craving and can’t go out and eat. As a family, we’re obsessed with Asian food and when we found Hello Panda, our entire opinion of home-delivered food changed for the better. Not because it was packaged beautifully, not because it was a huge menu and not because it was insanely delicious but because it came from a Chef we’ve admired for years. Chef Vikramjit is the man behind the kitchen at Hello Panda and he’s brought decades of experience into creating a delivery kitchen that encompasses every Asian cuisine. The menu is so extensive that you can order over and over again and have something new every time you order. From Thailand to Indonesia, so it’s not just Chinese or Japanese, it’s a whole lot of everything!

There are close to a hundred dishes spread across cold plates, dim sum, soups, sushi, hot appetisers, mains and desserts. Some of our dishes include familiar dishes like Thai Som Tam Salad along with the traditional Pomelo Salad and we always pair that with Aona Goma Ae, which is an organic spinach salad in a sesame sauce. I suggest you don’t miss the Tom Kha and Tom Yum to satisfy Thai cravings but it’s soups like Mitang Zhu Qingcai, a Rice Broth with Vegetables and Fanqie Jiandan Tang, a soup of fried egg and tomato Soup that really change up the game.

For dim sum lovers, there is so much beyond classics, Chengdu Chicken Wontons with Dried Chilli Sauce and Jizhi Goutie and Chicken Pot-Sticker Dumpling with Chicken Stock, all amazing, and to have these at home makes it a treat that’s even more special.

Now to the sushi selection which obviously includes Nigiri and Maki but at Hello Panda the spread extends to 17 types of sushi, what we felt the biggest difference between this sushi and other brands was that the produce seemed Hotel grade and super fresh. We’re hooked to the Lean Tuna Nigiri and Maki rolls like, Kimchi & Avocado, Spiced Edamame with Truffles, Toro Scallion and our all-time favourite, Spicy Salmon.

For the Hot appetizers, we found a perfect balance of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, from Thai Corn Cakes and Truffled Purple Potato to Sambal Olek Fish, Pan Sautéed Fish with Garlic Crumble and Coconut Crusted Prawns. I suggested you do a dimsum spread, then sushi, then small plates and keep one order just for the Mains because they have hearty portions. The Qiang Kongxincai which are stir-fried Pakchoy & Shiitake Mushroom with Garlic, the Qiangchao Oukuai, stir-fried Lotus Root with Chillies & Sichuan Pepper, the Ganbian Kugua, dry-fried Bitter Melon are absolutely unique. For meat eaters, the choices are endless too, Lemon Grass & Chilli Fish, Tangcu Cuipi Yu, a Sweet-And-Sour Crispy Fish, Fu Yung Ha which is Prawn Fu Yung with Egg, a favourite like Cashewnut Gai Grob, sliced Chicken with Thai Chilli & Coconut Cream, Lamb Chunk Massaman Curry, Hui Guo Rou, Twice-Cooked Pork and a seasonal special like Guoba Roupian, which is Pork with ‘Lychee’ Sauce with Crispy Rice. We paired the mains with the Dynamite Veg Rice, Phad Thai Veg Noodles and Pan Fried Veg Noodles. Since no meal is complete without dessert we usually order the Peanut Butter Tart and Fried Cinnamon Apple Pies.

You can order all this through Hello Panda's official website and through their delivery partners Swiggy, Zomato & Dunzo!

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