Scoobled: A Platform for All Dog Owners & Lovers

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Scoobled is an online community of folks who either own dogs, love dogs, or want to generally make themselves more aware of the dog world. From discussing important medical matters, to funny anecdotes about pets, to sharing pictures and more, this is your online stop.


Want to know why your dog has suddenly started biting his tail? Where in the city you can get him the best flea bath? Whether it’s safe for your pup to take a Crocin or where you can get him/her a personalised sterling silver collar? Your questions can be as arbit as you want, since Scoobled is made up of other like-minded dog owners and lovers who are ever willing to offer their opinions and advice.

Foster Faster

There’s always a doggy in need in our country, and Scoobled brings these little ones into the limelight. You can volunteer to foster or even adopt. And you can, of course, also post if you’re on the other side.

There’s of course also a lighter side to Scoobled: Share pictures and videos of your furball’s greatest moments, or enjoy videos of other pooches and their shenanigans.

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You can also adopt a dog from any of these places.