We will admit, we’re late to this party. But according to Delhi standards, that makes us right on time. WOWTABLES by GourmetItUp presents Swirl Fest, on till the 14th of June. Essentially, you pick a participating restaurant, and then knock yourself out with their special deals for members, accompanied by two complimentary servings of Fratelli wine. And these prices start at INR 900 per person, so we weren’t joking when we said stellar deal. Oh, and you can book a table online, so life just got infinitely easier.

You have until the 14th of June to avail of the offer, and participating restaurants include Lodi-The Garden Restaurant, Naya Beer Garden, Fork You, Smokey’s, Rara Avis, Guppy by ai, Ploof, Thai High and Kylin.

Click here, for a full list, menu and to book a table.

Feature image courtesy Lodi-The Garden Restaurant