This Brand Makes Earth-Friendly, Old School Toys For Kids, But With A Twist

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What Makes It Awesome

ScrapShala is a Varanasi-based online start-up that up-cycles everything from discarded wood, liquor bottles and scrap fabric to flat tyres and even cassette holders. The best part? They can even transform your old saris and distressed furniture into something beautiful (if you ship it over to them).

Started in 2016 by Shikha Shah, ScrapShala’s main aim is to move towards a zero-waste lifestyle. In this mission, they’ve re-purposed more than 12,000–13,000 kgs of non-biodegradable waste into stunning decor and utility items. With a team of 15 artisans and a few interns, Shikha’s venture offers handmade products that are at least 50% scrap.

We're currently loving their kids collection, that is now available on LBB. Check out their rustic and modern versions of games like Knots & Crosses (this has Tom & Jerry, Peppa Pig and George, Batman vs Superman and Bees and Ants, instead), building blocks, geometric puzzles, match the word games with themes like "Say No To Plastic' and Ghats Of Varanasi. They even have Ludo, engaging mini looms for weaving, and even a whole table with the table top carved for you to play Ludo!


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