Script: A Treasure Grove For Scandinavian Inspired Interiors

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What Makes It Awesome?

Script is a new venture by the erstwhile Godrej Group of Industries. Opened recently in sector 29 Gurgaon, it is an Experience Centre par excellence.

As you walk in, you are transported into a Scandinavian inspired environment. The sleek and sophisticated furniture, lighting and home decor elements fuse together to give a classy and elegant look. Spread over two floors, the well-appointed corners and snug and well-curated compositions of the living, dining and bedroom areas is a delight to watch and assimilate.
The furniture and home products are high on the design, aesthetic and comfort barometer. The colours are a kaleidoscope of a gentle and calming mix of hues and shades. Careful thought has been given to the design and functionality of each piece. The highest priority being the comfort and easy maneuvering, which enables you to use the furniture in different permutations and combinations. I've never seen such amazing design ethos anywhere. Will tell you about the Winger Chaise Lounge Sofa which according to them is an ergonomic wonder. It gives you the power to adjust the angles of the head and armrests. So that your reading, TV bingeing or napping body positions are decadently comfortable. This is just one example of the attention given to details of every product.
Was totally smitten by their range of kitchenware. Kilner Jars which are modelled after the canning jars and you can introduce your family to the hobby the world is enjoying: concocting delicious homemade jams and preserves. Pineapple corer, tissue holder, blowtorch, coffee stencil, nutmeg grinder, and snazzy salad bowls are some of the other heart stealers.
Was ready to swoon at the beautiful sights in this spectacular store. Don't miss a moment- immerse yourself in this one of a kind experience- you are going to love it!

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