Hit Up This New Eatery In CP For Authentic Coastal & Manglorean Food

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're someone who loves coastal and Manglorean food, this new place that has opened up in CP should definitely be on your radar. 

It's a two storey restaurant that's got suave lighting with nicely spaced out seating booths and a bar section. We began our meal with a vegetarian starter - the Gobi Kempu Bezule. Then, we ordered their Chicken Ghee Roast with Malabar Parantha (the Ghee Roast Chicken tasted quite nice because of its gravy). This was my first experience with coastal food, and I that realised ghee roast non-vegetarian delicacies are one of the most satiating and nourishing cuisines (honestly, anything with ghee is, but you get the point). Both my sister and I agreed that this chicken starter felt super smooth on the palette, the chicken was tender, but also slightly charred on the outside (in a good way); these two things and the ghee added to its wonderful taste!

Later, we ordered a serving of red rice with Kori Gassi (another very beautifully cooked chicken dish that literally translates to 'chicken gravy'). In this non-vegetarian delicacy, the ghee taste was not so prominent. It was super interesting to have the Kori Gassi with red rice (a native rice popular in Kerala). Kerala Red Rice is a little stubbier than the usual North Indian rice grain, hence, has an added texture and taste (is healthier too).

One of the most enjoyable parts of the meal was my mocktail (and being the beverage lover I am, this needs to be talked about). I ordered Somras. It was a jaggery-based concoction which had tamarind nectar, jaggery and roasted cumin seeds. So, definitely recommend this refreshing drink.

For dessert, we ordered a traditional and chilled pudding called Ragi Manni.

A meal for two people here, will cost you around INR 1,600.

What Could Be Better

Nothing at all. The food was great! But we do think that the space could have been more open or better ventilated. 

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