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Editors posted on 8th April

Seasonal Adventure Sports to Bookmark for this Summer

By Editors

Like love, our skin, and hair frizz levels, even some adventure sports are season dependent. Lucky for you, we’ll tell you what’s on, what will be on, and where you can go. Have a good summer. We meant that for you hair.

Trekking in the Himalayas

Heavily inspired by Reese Witherspoon’s Wild, a little research and pooch-taal showed there’s some special treks designed for the summer season. Grades range from beginner to extreme, and we recommend you read up before you commit. We hear the Markha Valley Trek is a winner, and its best done July through August.

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Himalayan Trekking (Markha Valley)

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Diving in the Andamans

Getting a diver’s certification, or even just doing a recreational dive in the Andamans has gained some popularity in the last two years. Go through your Instagram, you’ll know we’re right. The good news is, Dive India comes highly recommended, the area- breathtaking, and accessibility for us- easy. The not so good news- the best time to dive is from December until May {sunshine and clear visibility} so that gives you one more month {and a bit more} to make it happen.

Season: Until May

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Andaman Diving

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Rafting on the Beas

Since Rishikesh rejected us this season, we’re turning to the Baes. To enjoy some excellent Class 4 Whitewater, this is best done in May-June.

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Rafting in Rishikesh

If you’re just going to Rishikesh for laughs and giggles, you’re good all year round. But, if its rafting you’re hitting up, hate to tell you this, but the season is over. Best time to catch the rapids is between September and October. Rafting is still open until end of May, till the monsoons kick in, but a lot of grade 5 rapids are closed. Not to worry, if it’s your first time, you won’t know the difference anyway.

Rishikesh Rafting



So, Kayaking has actually been around for ages, but hasn’t gotten that much attention. Kayaking can range from soft, placid waters, to navigating grade 3 or 4 rapids, depending on your skill, and adrenaline levels. The difference is in flat-water kayaking and whitewater kayaking-a niche sport. Aquaterra has a kayak school, where they teach you the ropes, as does Team 4 Adventure and Goodwave Adventures-south India’s first white-water adventure company dedicated to white-water kayak training. As for destinations, Goa Kayaking happens along the coast, rivers and backwaters of Goa, throughout the year, including the monsoon. There are also excursions on the Bramhaputra, kayaking in Kerala, on the Ganga and the Western Ghats.

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Mountain Biking

We don’t think this needs an explanation; think mountain, on a bike. Best terrains are offered by the Himalayas, and varies according to time of year. The Himalayas can provide a variety of choices from beginner to ultimate challenges. The good news is, you can choose the area based on your month of travel. Beginning June, choose between Ladakh, Nubra, Zanskar, Changthang and Spiti. As for May and June, pick between Dharamsala, Chamba and Kullu. Garhwal and the Kumaon areas are perfect starting May until November. Sikkim, Darjeeling, Assam and Arunachal are also good until June.

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Mountain Biking