This Place In Sector 15 Serves Chhole Bhature That'll Make You Forget Sita Ram {Almost}

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The spicy chhole, steaming bhatura and some very savory pickle to go with it is probably the most loved meal in all of North India and Gurgaon isn’t any different. So, when we stumbled upon Sector 15’s Civil Lines Wala, we knew we had to try their chhole bhature and turns out, they’re the best in town.

Every G-Town Foodie's Dream Come True

Every Gurgaon foodie will tell you how they’ve had to rush to Delhi’s Sita Ram just to fulfill their desire of feasting on a steaming plate of chhole bhature. But Civil Lines Wala has made sure that they serve you the best plate of chhole bhature, with the pickle, mint-chutney dripping aloo and some onion to go with it all.

And the best plate of chhole bhature in all of Gurgaon will only cost you INR 40. We say that Civil Lines Wala has made you an offer you cannot refuse. They also serve typically Punjabi food like aloo paratha, rajma chawal and even dal makhani, all of them with flavors that your tummy will crave and all of it priced to suit the millennial pocket.

So, We're Saying...

You cannot find a better plate of lip-smacking chhole bhature and that too at such a great price. Rush to Civil Lines Wala whenever you crave for some typically Punjabi khaana.