Chuk Chuk Train: See A Newly-Restored 1950s Steam Engine In Action In Gurgaon

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Heritage Transport Museum has finally finished restoration work on a 1950s steam engine. They unveiled an adorably rustic 1953 model on the weekend and is now letting visitors go down the memory lane as the engine fires up. 

A Family That Hangs Together...

There’s a certain romance that comes with steely old steam engines puffing out clouds of smoke. Don’t you think? It’s sweet in a very picture book kind of way where station masters handed out candies and the whistle of the engines sent sleepy towns into an a ecstatic frenzy. So if you’ve been thinking of a family outing but just putting it off because everyone has such varied interests, this might work pretty well. 

You can get clicked in the backdrop {think retro, Lootera-type photos} or munch on snacks at the Museum canteen as the children get a fascinating insight into the bygone era of steam engines.

The newest addition though is just one charming aspect of this award-winning museum. We suggest you make a day of it with the audio visual guides and explore everything at leisure – you’ll be surprised at how beautifully this place is done up.

Find out more here.

So, We're Saying...

The entry fee to the museum is INR 200 for children and INR 400 for adults and it includes the guides. Make a family day of it!


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