Try This Cafe For It's Amazing Variety In Healthy Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

5 Things that make Sehat Cafe Awesome:
- Unlike most ‘so-called’ healthy cafes that serve you salads filled with carb-heavy dressings, this place is doing Desi Meals, something that would fit your diet easily.
- Their Menu. It’s absolutely Hilarious with puns and wordplay here and there.
- Pocket-Friendly. Most restaurants that claim to be healthy are annoyingly expensive. This one, on the other hand, is super easy on the pockets.
- Instagram Worthy Walls: If you are having a Sunday afternoon outing, you wouldn’t want to
go back without some Instagram worthy pictures, right? This one is surely going to make your Instagram Feed look beautiful.
- Last, but not the least, their gym that’s right upstairs. It’s the only green gym in Delhi filled with plants, an aquarium, and a mini waterfall. Those of you who stay nearby, do enroll.

What Could Be Better?

Really Nothing. However I do wish and hope they open up in other parts of Delhi super soon!

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae