#Selfmade: People We Love For The Things They Do (At Home Edition)

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A year ago, we launched #Selfmade - a campaign designed to power some of India's most compelling (but underrated) entrepreneurs, artists and professionals who're crushing it in their fields and who India needs to know more about.

Our recent edition was an at-home feature showcasing exactly where some of these creative entrepreneurs come from, what they've been upto during quarantine and their view points on being #Selfmade. Read on to know them better and shop the unique pieces they're wearing.

Eeshaan Kashyap, Partner, Pass Code Hospitality

Bindi Block Print Full Sleeves Shirt

Bindi Block Print Full Sleeves Shirt


"I prefer living in colour and good food. These are the ethos of my life. I've always been attracted to art and design. Ever since I was a child, I've been motivated to pursue painting, arts & crafts. Even in school, I was a very bright student. Recently, I created a 12x15 ft wall in my house inspired by a post World War Japanese movement of art in which Japanese artists used to paint using only their hands & feet to draw & walk on the canvas," spills Eeshaan Kashyap, from our #Selfmade community.
He's the partner of a boutique food and beverage company called Pass code hospitality-based out of New Delhi and has some of the award-winning establishments like PCO cocktail bar, Jamun (regional Indian food), and PDA (first LGBT bar with chef Ritu Dalmia).

Mitali, Founder, Morning Fresh

Contrast Ikat Detail Sleevesless Dress

Contrast Ikat Detail Sleevesless Dress


"The lockdown has forced me to pause, rethink and reflect both professionally and personally. You forget how easy it is to take your health for granted, especially when you're a bootstrapped entrepreneur. I have really enjoyed pushing myself further and increasing the intensity of my yoga practice, doing work-out challenges with friends, spending time reading and learning, something I really missed. Also finally having the time to experiment with gin infusions/cocktails and start @thesecretginsociety [an Insta community that discusses all things gin, trends and industry insights!]. I also got the distance I needed to re-work on strategy for my business so we can not just survive the pandemic, but hopefully come out stronger and raring to go. More than anything, staying at home has really highlighted the importance of keeping a pace that is conducive to staying healthy, active and productive without any of the unnecessary stress." - Mitali, Founder, Morning Fresh

Ramya, Comedian

Green Round Neck Raglan Sleeve Dress

Green Round Neck Raglan Sleeve Dress


"The greatest barrier to being a female comic is being perceived as one. No one wants to be recognised as a female comic because that word comes with its own notions. Oh, a female comic? She's not as funny as (insert famous male comic here). Oh, female comic? She has followers because she is pretty. However, instead of being bothered by these preconceived notions I choose to embrace them. As a female comic, I can bring to the table a woman’s perspective. A lot of my content stems from topics that the society otherwise considers as taboos. I choose to talk about  things that bother me as a woman and it makes me proud that people (i.e. half our country's population of women) relate to it."

- Ramya Ramapriya, ace comedian and overall rockstar, opens up about stuff that matters. Stay tuned for more from her.

Tanvi, Content Creator

Teal Blue Embroidered Shirt Dress

Teal Blue Embroidered Shirt Dress


“I have never looked at my size as something that's bad! I have been a ‘big’ girl since I was young. I always stood out in a group of children my age, because of my size and height. But I never let these things bother me! What I learnt is that when you accept yourself, it's the most freeing feeling ever. It’s because you aren't shrinking yourself uncomfortably or trying to accommodate yourself in a space that's not meant for you!

You don't take offence if someone calls you ‘fat’ or ‘big’ because you know that you accept and love yourself, just the way you are. The huge anxiety that so many of us have, constantly anticipating a weight-related remark, goes away. And the best part is when you are truly happy and comfortable with yourself, people around you also start seeing you that way!”

- Tanvi Ravishankar, Blogger, Dancer and Plus Size Model @thechubbytwirler


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