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Richa posted on 22nd January

Even the most practical and unenthusiastic among us enjoy a good surprise, especially when it comes from someone you just don’t expect will manage to pull one together. Truth be told – surprises are hard. Not all of us can keep secrets {or a straight face} and most of us just don’t have the time to orchestrate elaborate gifts or experiences.

I fancied myself as a great planner {and actor}, till I came across an article about a certain Ruchi Chopra, who planned surprises for a living! Her enterprise, ASAP, is an acronym for exactly what she does – Any Surprise Any Place. Closing a gap in the market when it comes to go-to people to orchestrate and organize personalized surprise gifts and experiences, ASAP has been in business for close to 7 years and now delivers in 7 cities across India, and even in Bangkok and Singapore.

If you’re looking for small personalized merchandise, you’ll probably find cheaper options closer to home. But if you’re in the market for a surprise experience or a customized gift designed especially for you, and are willing to loosen your purse strings to make it happen, this is where you need to go.

Try this one for size – ASAP conceptualized back to back surprises for a couple travelling to Delhi for the gentleman’s birthday – limo pick up, a customized track for him that played on a radio show, a farmhouse with personalized towels, a bar with a personalized cocktail shaker and a dinner set with his family’s initials on it. ‘Happy Birthday’ played {almost by magic} at midnight, and he woke up the next morning to a newspaper with only one subject – him! They followed this up with a {personalized} hot air balloon ride and a romantic dinner; a far cry from sending a friend a pizza.

Notes in our Little Black Book |

We’d go to ASAP for elaborate customized surprise presents, experiences, proposals, serenades and more for anyone- from our friends to our grandparents. Even if you don’t really know what you want to do, the creative team at ASAP will design your surprise for you.

Price | Minimum spend is INR 1000. Prices vary basis the magnitude of the surpise.

Keep a lookout for the LBBD service pick every month, where we tell you whatever you need to know about one cool service, new or previously undiscovered that has wowed us. Until next month!

Any Surprise Any Place (ASAP)

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