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What Makes It Awesome?

Since the last five years, Neung Roi, the speciality Thai restaurant in Raddison Blu Plaza, has been making waves. Winning awards since its inception including a yearly recognition by the famed Times Out Guide, Neung Roi has made splashes in print with positive reviews from food critics, the Thai Embassy and the tourism board as the best Thai restaurant in India.

The Cuisine

The Thai MasterChef, Chef Orawan Piyapaisanskul is at the helm at the restaurant and she presents soulful food from the four regions of Thailand - Ian cuisine from the North East Region of Thailand, The Lan Na Cuisine in Northern Thailand, The Southern Thai Cuisine of the Kra Isthmus and Central Thai cuisine.

The Interiors

The elegant setting and calm surroundings set the mood right as one walks into the restaurant. Huge, bulbous lights that drop midair from the ceiling illuminate the expanse of the restaurant and define the modern, chic interiors. An elaborate floral decoration of orange lilies brightens the place. The flurry of chefs in the open kitchen catches my eye just before I’m led to my table.

The food fanfare begins!

The Miang Tham is a one bite wrap of pickled tea leaf stuffed with coconut, ginger, garlic, lime, and unsalted peanuts. Popular in both northern and central food, it set off the meal as an amuse bouche.

The Aa-Haan-Riak- Naam or the appetizers consisted of Gai Phad Prick Plow ( Stir-fried chicken enriched with the flavours of the spicy chilli paste), Goong Phad Prick Katiem ( Jumbo Stir-fried prawn, all plump and coated with chilli and garlic sauce), Porpia Phad Thai(The crisp Phad Thai spring roll with chilli sauce is a vegetarian’s delight) and Chormoung (Steamed Thai flower dumpling filled with vegetables).

Special applause for Chormoung – the Royal Thai steamed dumpling in the shape of a purple flower. The beautiful purple color that makes it exquisite is derived from the butterfly pea flower water.

Thai cuisine uses a lot of mangoes in their cuisine. As believers of Feng Shui tradition, for centuries, the Thais have grown mango trees on the south side of their house. They believe this brings prosperity to the family. In Neung Roi, the Yam Hed Khem Tong Krob uses fresh mango with a crispy enoki mushroom salad.

Yam Talay is a refreshing seafood salad with lemongrass, shallot and spring onion. Every mouthful of this spicy seafood salad offers a texture of flavours or better said a taste explosion.

Can Hlak (Main Course)

Seeing the name Pla Rad Prick in the menu got me excited. The spicy crispy fried fish is simple to make and uses a few ingredients.

In Bangkok, there’s this fancy street restaurant in Silom, right opposite Lebua that serves the best Pla Rad Prick. With a portion of Jasmine Rice and a few drops of Sriracha in the extra fish sauce that we ask with the dish, I have had many candlelight dinners chatting and laughing with my man.

The dish in Neung Roi bought back memories of those cosy evenings. The ginger, chilli and tamarind glaze made the fish just perfect.

The first brush that most Indians have with Thai cuisine is usually via the curries – the green, red and yellow curry. The Geang Khru Gai Yang (grilled chicken with yellow curry and herbs) and Geang Kiew Wan Pak (mixed vegetables in green curry with eggplant and kafir lime) were smooth and rich.

Packed with fresh ingredients and zesty spices, stir-fried kale with morning glory, bok choi, soya bean sauce, garlic, and pepper or Phad Pak Kiew was toothsome and a healthy option.

The Desserts

I highly recommend Porpia Kluay Hom Thod or the crispy banana fritters with fig and honey ice cream. It was finger licking, groovy good.

Neung Roi is an exceptional restaurant that serves bona fide Thai cuisine with beautiful interiors to make dining an experience. Each and every ingredient is bought from Thailand and therefore this is as authentic a Thai cuisine one can get in Delhi. Next time you get a craving, look no further. Simply head to Neung Roi.

What Could Be Better?

The sticky rice with fresh mango and coconut milk was served with sour mangoes and that was a bit of a let down. The pleasure of eating Khao Niew Manoung is only with sweet mangoes.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 3,000+

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae

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