Sevilla: Romance and Mediterranean Fare in the Lap of Luxury

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Mozzarella en Corrozza, Himalayan Trout


Sommelier will suggest the best wine to go with your order


Outdoor seating and Mediterranean-inspired gazebos

Of romance and risottos

Known as one of the most expensive restaurants in the city, Sevilla is perfect for your anniversary or the long-awaited ‘third date’. We love that different areas have been ensconced off for privacy. While we strongly recommend the outdoors during the summers, the luxurious indoors {quaint cottage-like feel to it} is great during the winters.

Red, white and wine not?

We were welcomed with a glass of red and we suggest that you leave the pairing to the sommelier, because she does an excellent job of balancing your palate {we had four kinds of wine!}. The citric Coca de Hummus {a flatbread from Catalan with hummus, garlic and pickled vegetables} went very well with the white Sula. The Scallop with Parma Crisp {cauliflower puree, green peas, red wine butter} was flavourful, though on the rarer side. We definitely recommend the Mozzarella en Corrozza, since cheese is a soft spot for us.

Big meals and good deals

Sevilla has really great portions so, if you’re going in for the Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks, only an empty stomach will do it justice. This is a Milanese dish which involves four hours of cooking, and boy, was it gorgeous. Do end your journey with their creamy creme brulee or the Tiramisu that hits the right spot after a big meal.

Usually, patrons come in for Sevilla’s tapas and wood-fired pizzas. And they are absolutely on our list for next time.



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