Brownies, Oreos And Lots Of Whipped Cream: Go Here For The Most Epic Shakes

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Are you a fan of freakshakes? Jambox is where you go to fulfil all your cravings. Bringing the best of shakes to Noida, this cosy café has got us swooning over their extensive range of milkshakes.

Sweet Fixes

Jambox has the warmest vibe with the most monstrous shakes that will get you hooked. Their freakshakes are huge and we kid you not the mugs are oozing with whipped cream which will make you think twice before you start deconstructing their monster shakes with your spoon {also it might get difficult to decide where to start}. Go all in for the Brownie Bridge shake, a clear winner followed by their Caffeine Chill for the coffee addicts. Also, whenever you go here, make sure you go with a rumbling stomach because it will get hard to stop once you start sipping on to these beauties.

Not A Sweet Tooth?

The peeps at Jambox understand that too much of sweetness can cause a sugar rush that might be a little overwhelming. Hence, they have some savoury plates like nachos, ham & cheese bagel and taco cones to help keep sugar levels in place. Although we doubt you’ll be left with any tummy space, do try their burgers – the Quarter Pounder loaded with cheese and a chicken patty is a great choice. Drooling already? Take bae and make some sweet memories!

Anything Else?

Sector 18 market in Noida might be flooding with places but Jambox is one-of-a-kind and definitely worth a visit if you like shaking things up every now and then.