The Scoop

Calling the place ‘Shanti Mohalla’ would be a misnomer owing to the heaps of every kind of fabric and knit, amidst its chaotic streets and the claustrophobic shops.

The Style

This market is stocked with an insane variety of export fabric, which is available for both wholesale and retail buying. Whichever kind material you’re looking for – printed or non-printed – if it exists, it is up for grabs here {including cambric, chambray, poplin, viscose, silk, denim, corduroys, jute, chiffon, georgette, rayon, checks, crepe, and a lot more}.

There are close to 18 streets attached to the main road, each one surprising you with something new every time you visit. We recommend you take a day off, because covering the entire market in a day is quite a challenge.

What We Love

Unlike other markets, where cloth is sold by the metre, fabric and thread here are sold by weight {everything from velvet to denim), at unbelievable prices. Bargaining is key; prices can drop by close to half.

For accessories, head up to street 17 and find a number of shops dealing in buttons, threads and embellishments.

The cut piece market has about 250 shops that trade in cut pieces and fabric scraps, at very low prices.

Who It’s For

This designer’s den in disguise is perfect for every possible clothing project {even though the digging and scouring is quite an effort; trust us, you’ll never regret going}. Ladies, bookmark this place for obtaining supplies to turn that lehenga design into a reality.

Where: Seelampur, Near Shahdra

Nearest Metro Station: Seelampur

Timings: 10am – 7:30 pm {Closed on Mondays}