Did You Know? You Can Learn Kung Fu From This Authentic Shaolin Temple!

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What Makes It Awesome

How many times have you watched the 36th Chamber Of Shaolin and wondered, gosh that’s cool, I wish I could do THAT. Well… you can learn Shaolin Kung Fu through a properly registered and administered Shaolin Temple here (it's the only one in North India).

So, for the first time in India, the Ven. Abbott Shi Yong (or the big boss of the Shaolin temple in China) has appointed an Indian Shaolin master, Shifu Kanishk Sharma, to spread the real Shaolin culture and Shaolin Kung Fu in India. 

Once you enroll, it’s all about discipline thereon. The wisdom of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu is imparted, under which you get to learn various Shaolin Kung Fu forms, Shaolin Kung Fu weapons, Shaolin Chin Na (joint-locking system), Shaolin Qigong/Chi Kung (an active principle forming part of any living thing), among many other things.

They have numerous training programs you can sign up for. The fee structures vary from program to program. The basic fee is INR 1,000 for joining and INR 500 for the uniform. Based on the number of classes you take per week, they have different charges (ranging from INR 3,000 to 5,000) and a trial class is INR 500.

Their website has all the information about the history of this martial art, the instructors, training programs and more. They're headquartered in Noida and have STI branches in Pangot, Mumbai and Hyderabad with a Wing Chun branch in Jaipur. Shifu Kanishka's combative branches are in Dehradun, Goa, Bhopal and Kolkata. Don't belong to any of these cities? They have online training programs too! 


Don't underestimate how hardcore the training is going to be. You need to have a certain level of fitness already to be eligible.


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