Head Straight To Sharma Farms For Any Furniture You Need

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What Makes It Awesome

With one of the largest collections of antiques, furniture, and antique furniture, bookmark Sharma Farms for the next time you have the urge to redecorate your house.

Behind a nondescript white gate on Chattarpur Main Road, within a massive plot of land (The Pavilion) and past a group of open spaces and gardens lies the eight-acre Sharma Farms. We’re greeted by a series of huge sheds spread across the grounds and the constant sound of hammering and sawing.

The sheds are filled with every type of furniture imaginable. Huge beds and headboards, towering ornate wooden doors, a sea of chairs, sofas, tables, swings, old clocks, and trinkets are everywhere. We walk through the first shed on our left as we enter and start a mini-tour. Before we know it we’ve seen Mughal, British Raj, Keralite, Tibetan, and Odia styles of design and we haven’t even gone through three sheds!

Sharma Farms sells antiques, collectible furniture, and décor items from anywhere between INR 500 to INR four lakhs (for authentic items). You can find everything from marble and stone statues and fountains for your garden, funky mirrors for your house, to striking paintings for your bedroom, and lavish grandfather clocks for your hallway; or just pick up one of the many Tibetan-style painted wooden panels to do with what you will.

Honestly, we don’t think a collection like this exists elsewhere in the city. The sheer range of items, and their styles, makes finding something you like all too easy. This could in all likelihood be the Mad Hatter’s secret furniture stash. And next time we need something new to light up our houses, we will definitely be back.

Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM


Please wear a mask at all times when heading out, follow social distancing guidelines, and take the utmost safety precautions to keep yourself and those around you safe.


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