Find Furry Rugs, Foot Stools & Indigo Bed Sheets At This Rani Bagh Store

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What Makes It Awesome

Shivam Handloom is probably the only store in the Rani Bagh main market that sells home decor and upholstery. We found it super refreshing to see a store that was selling something other than wedding wear or party wear.

As the name suggests, they sell mainly cotton and organic fabric bed sheets. We loved that they had indigo-dyed bed sheets and pillow covers. Apart from this, what we found useful was that they had a variety of furry rug fabrics lying around. You could choose to get as big a piece as you'd like depending on whatever space you want the rug to occupy. Shivam Handloom also sells a lot of cushion covers, but personally, we'd recommend going here for the furry rugs and organic fabric bedding.

Their product range starts at INR 500.

What Could Be Better

We wish they had more cushion covers in organic fabrics and other indigo-dyed variants. 


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