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    10 Products Under INR 2,500 We're Eyeing At Spotshop

    Chandni posted on 04 July

    It’s not everyday we go around buying a Nike sports bra for our athleisure needs, or a pair of Ray Bans to strut about in. But when we do want to do that, then nothing like inexpensive alternatives to get the job done. So, we’re turning your eyes to Bangalore-based {they ship all over India} Spotshop that offers everything from apparel to mugs and shoes to gadgets, but all at affordable prices.

    Also, if you happen to spot the same thing somewhere else for a lesser price, shoot them an e-mail and they’ll give you a discount. No, really. We’re not kidding.


    You would’ve noticed Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and hell, even Matthew McConaughey sport these funky pop-coloured sunglasses. They’re sturdy, stylish and you can pretty much use them rough.

    Price: INR 2,200

    Buy it online here

    Gandys Flip Flops

    Straight from London, these flip flops are literally begging you to take them globetrotting. Just looking at them makes us want to pack up and take off!

    Price: INR 1,600

    Buy it online here

    Artisan Coffee

    South Indian, kaapi, anyone? This pack of whole coffee beans is all you need to get your mornings kick-started. And then chug it through the day, by all means!

    Price: INR 279

    Buy it online here

    Pineapple Popsockets

    OMG, and there! It fell and shattered. Your phone, of course. Except that, not anymore. You don’t need ninja skills because Popsockets are going to give your phone all the grip that you need, and they double up as phone-holders too.

    Price: INR 599

    Buy it online here

    Beard Oil

    Channeling the hipster look can get more manageable with this soulful argan and geranium beard oil by The Man Company that will make your beard healthier and tamer apparently.

    Price: INR 350

    Buy it online here

    Sardine Bookmarks

    Now here’s a fun way to decorate your desk. This tin of sardines, well actually clips, which can be used as bookmarks, is a great way to make work interesting. Each sardine is different from the other, so you have a fair idea of what sardine was tagged where. Plus, they’re just so pretty!

    Price: INR 499

    Buy it online here

    Sports Bra

    You don’t have to go broke because you want to be healthy! These affordable sports bras that you can use while working out, do exactly what the expensive ones do. Seriously.

    Price: INR 1,490

    Buy it online here

    Splat Stan Coaster

    Poor Stan almost died saving your drink from spilling! If you are happy and proud and thankful, this funky coaster is what you need!

    Price: INR 399

    Buy it online here

    Magnifying Sheet

    On the go and finding it hard to read the tiny letters crawling like ants on the map? This very handy magnifying sheet will make everything seem larger than life.

    Price: INR 199

    Buy it online here

    Tape Recorder iPhone Dock

    Who needs a boring music dock when there’s this, right? And if you grew up in the 90s or before, there’s even more reason to get one of these.

    Price: INR 1,999

    Buy it online here

    Feature photo: Stopshop

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