Have you found the monkey {rather chimpanzee} in you, yet? If not, here’s a great way to humour yourself and take life a little less seriousl. Since jumping from tree to tree would be quite ideal, yet undoable, here are some totally workable options.

Self Study Mug


First day at work? Take this mug along and there’s no reason why people won’t come talk to you. Here’s a fantastic way to break the ice and sip your coffee in style.

Price: INR 295

Buy it online here.

Kuch Khaate Hi Ni


Walking to your fridge aimlessly, opening and closing the door indecisively — haven’t we all been through that? Stick this magnet on your fridge as a reminder of your mum’s friend’s favourite line, “Don’t you eat anything at all?” Open the fridge and gobble up whatever’s in there. Peace.

Price: INR 195

Buy it online here.

Adventure Bag Natural


Show people you mean business {monkey business} with this adorable sling bag, made with 100 per cent organic cotton featuring the Chimp.

Price: INR 1,200

Buy it online here.

Cosmos Eye Mask


Insomnia? Try this eye mask, soft as a pillow, to block out the light, and hopefully you’re gonna have some sweet dreams.

Price: INR 399

Buy it online here.

Watermelon Apron


If cooking isn’t your thing, on those rare occasions you need to whip out your spatula and create some magic {God knows how} in the kitchen, this apron is where you can wipe your dirty hands— and send the right message across to people asking you to hurry up!

Price: INR 799

Buy it online here.

Kutta Pyjama Phone Cover


Yes, that’s a kutta and not a kurta. Did it make you laugh? We know it did. If you just had a fight with bae, just flip your phone over for a rib-tickling moment. It’ll all be okay.

Price: INR 499

Buy it online here.

Super Suar Keychain


Forget Superman! Super Suar is your new superhero. Don’t believe us? Just look at him. Plus he’s going to be a huge inspiration for you to drive fast enough to make it to work on time, without breaking the law. Because superheroes are awesome like that.

Price: INR 195

Buy it online here.

Sooo Happy Notebook


This notebook understands those times you’re so happy you can’t contain yourself, and you feel like there are a million cats purring in your head Besides, if you’re a cat lover in general, you’re just gonna love this. Plus it’s been designed by our favourite Alicia Souza. So yay!

Price: INR 350

Buy it online here.

Release Gogo T-Shirt


Gogo Ji, aapka ghaghara.” Remember Aamir Khan’s famous lines from Andaz Apna Apna. We crack up every single time we watch this cult movie, and when there’s someone as cool as Crime Master Gogo on your tee, wouldn’t you want it?

Price: INR 799

Buy it online here.

Night Flight Scarf


One look at this scarf took us straight to Coldplay’s Life In Technicolor. If you haven’t watched the video, do it now. Takes you to a place where you’d wanna be, just like this scarf does.

Price: INR 899

Buy it online here.

Photos: Chimpwear