This Brand Makes Wine Glasses And Plates Different, Colourful Yet Sturdy

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What Makes It Awesome

Ever wondered why people go to eat in restaurants, apart from the wish to dine out? Of course, it's a lot about the taste and aromas, dishes and the drinks. But it's also about the way the delicious food is served and the tall gorgeous glasses of wine that we sip from. Be it good food or good tipple, the magic of what's inside is equivalent to the magic on the outside. The pandemic has taught us to live little moments of happiness, such as going to dinner-dates, weekend brunches with family and even throwing parties, all inside the confines of our homes.

To turn these at-home moments into memorable experiences, we found this brand Willow that makes fancy kitchenware. Think tall and handsome wine glasses and ceramic casseroles in vibrant pop colours. The wine glasses look beautiful, to say the least, and come in muted hues of red, blue and green, and in a set of six. Although they have a 300ml capacity, you can happily refill those glasses again and again (the advantage of at-home dining, no worrying about the number of glasses you gulp down). Coming to hot, steaming food, most people prefer fancy plates. But if you get something like a classic casserole but in ceramics and pop colours, then why not serve in it?! Food laid on plates may quickly turn cold, but your chicken curry, biryani, or a pot of pasta, will remain piping hot in a covered casserole, for a while more at least. If your table or kitchen has an eclectic vibe, they have these ceramic casseroles in turquoise and indigo as well.

Prices for Willow start at INR 2214. Plan a wine and dine at home or just gift this as a house-warming present to a loved one. Either way, you'll have a good time. 

What Could Be Better

We wish they had a wider range of products, so that we could lay a lavish spread on weekends!


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