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Shop At Mango People For Panda Bean Bags And Ice Cream Lamps

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    Mango People has curated a ridiculously quirky collection of products; check out their range of home decor items, onesies, phone cases or travel accessories that are anything but aam. Here’s everything we love.

    Power Banks

    What do we say to a dying battery on a long commute? Not today. Mango People stocks some of the cutest power banks we’ve laid eyes on – check out this Pizza Power Bank that will speak to your pepperoni-obsessed self on a personal level.

    Check out their collection of power banks here.

    Hipster Marquee Lights

    The collection of marquee lights at Mango People will light up your work space and Instagram feed. Case in point – this Cactus Marquee Light that you didn’t know you needed. Also available in Pineapple.

    Tissue Dispensers

    Graduate to actual tissues and stop using take-out napkins. We think your tissues would look hella swanky in these adorable cupcake tissue dispensers. They also have a Polaroid tissue dispenser, and really, we didn’t know we needed this in our lives until right now.

    Content Lens Cases

    Pick up a couple of cases from Mango People’s collection and give your lenses a clean, cool home. Reach out for this long, turquoise giraffe one, or this chocolate popsicle case that looks good enough to eat.


    Even though winter is on it’s way out, there’s no reason not to buy Mango People’s onesies and feel like a human bundle of warmth. Embrace your spirit animal {piggy, mouse, dino or even unicorn} and head to bed in these ridiculously cute onesies.

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